Inside the trends that drove Bitcoin’s recent highs

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A wave of institutional adoption

Confidence in institutions has been collapsing since the 1970’s. What happened?

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“Uncertainty is an acid, corrosive to authority. Once the monopoly on information is lost, so too is our trust. Every presidential statement, every CIA assessment, every investigative report by a great newspaper, suddenly acquired an arbitrary aspect, and seemed grounded in moral predilection rather than intellectual rigor.”

-Martin Gurri, Revolt of the Public

Ether is enabling a vibrant and open financial system as evidenced by the rise of DeFi, stablecoins, and wrapped tokens

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Global uncertainty, partisanship, and the volatility index

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Debunking sensational scientists amid unprecedented temperature, sea level, and atmospheric CO2

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Population, real estate, subway traffic, unemployment, and more

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Analyzing the electricity it takes to mine digital gold

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Decrypting the most powerful trends in crypto

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Since the 2008 Financial Crisis, global central banks have “printed” extraordinary amounts of fiat money

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Charting the digital sea — Capitalism, data, and democracy.

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