Over the years, search interest for Bitcoin has been rising across Central America. Most countries experienced record high search interest in 2021, surpassing the 2017 mania.

The most striking individual country chart is El Salvador, which became the first country in the world to recognize Bitcoin as legal…

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This is a personal version of an article written for Coinbase here.

A wave of institutional adoption

Over the past year, Bitcoin saw large institutions — like banks, hedge funds, insurance giants, and tech firms — investing, providing storage solutions, and building trading infrastructure across the world. At the same time, Bitcoin significantly outperformed major…

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“Uncertainty is an acid, corrosive to authority. Once the monopoly on information is lost, so too is our trust. Every presidential statement, every CIA assessment, every investigative report by a great newspaper, suddenly acquired an arbitrary aspect, and seemed grounded in moral predilection rather than intellectual rigor.”

-Martin Gurri, Revolt…

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I recently helped write and research an article for Coinbase Learn called Rise of the Ethereum economy. Here’s a personal and expanded version of the main article.

What is Ethereum, the second largest crypto by market cap after Bitcoin? This past year, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have gained mainstream, institutional…

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2020 has brought fires, floods and hurricanes across the world alongside novel forms of climate change denialism. Consider Patrick Moore, a so-called scientist with a significant Twitter following who claims:

“Any effect of CO2 on temperature could easily be overridden by other factors. The long historical record does not support…

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Charting the digital sea

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